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We accompany leaders worldwide developing new spaces of empowerment with tools and processes connecting organizations to impact communities for the Kingdom of God.

Your support generates new opportunities to strengthen the global church.


What We Do

We connect leaders from different cultures, backgrounds, and influences.

We develop management tools and update processes to improve the impact of organizations.

We develop information through research and investigation to provide relevant data to global leaders.

We generate partnerships with ministries and organizations to help and collaborate in social, economic, and cultural impact projects.

We develop transformation spaces for leaders through programs in an Online Campus with LIVE interaction.

Charley Elliott 

Executive Pastor of Gateway Global Ministries (USA)

I believe ILMAX is a program that will broaden the vision of many leaders in Latin America.

Jeff Korte 

Pastor & Founder of Contrast Project   (COLOMBIA)

It is a privilege to be part of CGC and to be able to participate in projects with them.

Jeffrey De Leon

Pastor de Relevance Community  (USA)

Impeccable work they do in bringing the message of Jesus to all the cultures of the world.

ILMAX Program 

More than 2,500 leaders are already training to create new scenarios for the future.

37 Leaders and Pastors entrusted us with a message that must reach every leader and minister with different themes to continue advancing towards the intelligent church that we need to be.

A transforming and personal experience for each leader donated by Creative Global Community.


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.


Romans 12


500 Communities impacted by

500 projects carried out by

500 churches with their own leadership teams. 


Javier Yunes 

CEO & Founder of CGC

Born in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina. Son of Dr. Amado Yunes and Dr. Gladis Aressi have sown in his home since he was a child, the passion for serving the church with professionalism and devotion to God.

In search of updating the church as an institution and to be able to collaborate with the call, Javier spent 12 years of his life in university education studying Economics, Human Capital Management, Business Management, and Master in Biblical Coaching.

He worked as Manager at YASS Consultores, Manager of TBN Enlace in Argentina, Executive Director of Alpha & Omega Church, and Grupo Exodo Films in Miami.

He is also a Certified Ontological Coach and has created programs and processes that help organizations learn about themselves.

In 2019 he developed the Iglesia Live platform as a space for conversation, connection, and research on different topics related to the church in Ibero-America.

In 2020 he founded Creative Global Community, a non-profit organization whose main objective is to create new spaces for development and research to accompany leadership in Ibero-America by developing the ILMAX Program to empower 10,000 Hispanic churches.

He stands out for his creative intelligence at the ministerial level and passion for empowering the church by creating new intelligence spaces.

He currently serves with his wife Yasmin Yunes and their two children at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas, USA.